State and territory selection panels

State and territory selection panels aim to reflect Australia’s diversity and endeavour to include representatives with varying backgrounds - Indigenous Australians, young people, women, people from rural and remote areas, and people who come from a wide range of fields of endeavour.

The state and territory selection panels are chaired by the local Australia Day organisation and include representatives of the state or territory Australia Day organisation, program sponsor representatives and community representatives.

The National Australia Day Council Chief Executive Officer, or senior management will provide direction to the selection committee about the technical aspects of the selection process, criteria and the like, as well as provide a national perspective on the selection process.

National selection panel

The Board of the National Australia Day Council make up the national selection panel.

Withdrawal of an Award

The selection of nominees and recipients reflect the nominations received and information available to the selection panel at the time. The National Australia Day Council reserves the right to withdraw an award if further information or the recipient's conduct draws the Australian of the Year Awards into disrepute. 

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