Ms Noelle Martin

After discovering that sexual predators had stolen social media photos of her and edited them onto pornographic images, Noelle Martin bravely spoke out about her experience - despite the abuse escalating after she shared her experience publicly. Her activism has led to new laws that criminalise image-based sexual abuse across Australia.

WAState RecipientYoung Australian of the Year2019

At the age of 18, Noelle Martin, now aged 24, discovered that sexual predators had stolen images of her from social media, editing them onto pornographic images and videos, adding her name and details of where she lived. The feminist, law graduate and activist has courageously taken action, helping provide avenues for justice for victims of image-based sexual abuse.

Despite the abuse escalating after she shared her experience publicly and being told that nothing could be done about the images, Noelle continued to speak out. Her actions were a major factor in new laws being introduced and passed in New South Wales in 2017, in 2018 at the Commonwealth level and in Western Australia, making it a criminal offence to distribute non-consensual intimate images.

An inspiring and courageous speaker and expert on image-based sexual abuse, Noelle regularly speaks to the media, and travels the country as a TEDx speaker, educating people on the harmful impacts of this type of abuse.